The Solar App

The Solar App was designed by professionals for professionals and is now available for everyone in need of a quick accurate opinion of 'added value' to a property with an existing solar system installed.

There are proprietary apps that can calculate the energy production of an up and running system and others that work through cost, credit and rebate factors prior to installation, but The Solar App is the only one engineered specifically to support the real estate after market.

As with any upgrade to residential property, understanding the correct value range of a solar package installed is necessary to make an informed decision when buying or selling.

Regardless of utility, many upgrades often do not return 100% of their original cost. Appraising the complexities of the cost/benefit ratio in the market place can be a tough job requiring numerous calculations is real time. Energy savings, production sharing, project capitalization and leasing scenarios can all effect the market value of the asset.

Have confidence in your numbers by using The Solar App today!